Our fashion is so much more than clothes – it is a Way of Being. Each piece is lovingly crafted to empower the most authentic, radiant you. Yoniverse Fashion is here to celebrate the alluring palette of the timeless expression of Divine Feminine as it dances through each of us.

How do you feel today ?
flowing like Oshun, the African goddess of sensuality and love, abundant like the Hindu goddess Laxmi, fierce and fiery like the Egyptian lioness-goddess Sekhmet or clear and authentic like the Greek goddess Artemis? Or full of laughter like the Japanese goddess Uzume?

Be Caressed by Life

Each outfit evokes an experience of a different aspect of our Feminine nature, amplifying it with beauty. Each garment is crafted from soft, flowing natural fabrics that gently embrace and accentuate the feminine form, evoking a sense of luxury and freedom. Quintessential comfort and elegance are hallmarks of our entire collection.

Yoniversal fashion is about self~love, adoration and celebration. It transcends age and body shape, allowing women of all ages and sizes to feel beautiful and celebrated. Our clothing is made with a practical Goddess at heart - most of the garments have many different ways of wearing them, providing 3-5 outfits in one piece, will not wrinkle and are easy to care for.

Each of us deserves to be
caressed by life, embodying our authentic Self!

ShivAwear Royal Rogue

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Aurmus Gold Elixir