Pearl Goddess Dream

Pearl Princess

Golden Empress

Awakening The Goddess Within

We invite you to tap into the magic so many of us felt as we explored our Mother’s Jewelry box – do you remember that innocent joy of the sacred sparkle? As girls we remember that Magic of the Goddes Dimension – reveling in our tiaras, faerie wings and satin dresses – and that feeling that mystery is an intimate part of life.

Yet, sometime as we “mature”, that joy can be forgotten, lost for a time, yet our souls still long for it. For mystery is the very life blood of the soul. Divine Yoniverse answers this Call. This Temple of the Goddess is here to revive the Sacred Magic of the Sparkle, embody it with royal elegance, inviting it into our daily beauty rituals.

Know Thyself

Our Brushes are yonique as you – each with a distinct character that reflects a certain facet of the Feminine. The colours of the Goddess are many indeed! From the sensuous flowing ocean hues of Oshun, the African Goddess of love and sensuality, to the fiery orange glow of the lioness Goddess Sekhmet of ancient Egypt or the Volcano Goddess Pele of Hawaii, from the luscious greens and reds of Demetra, the Greek Goddess of Harvest, to the pure irridescent diamonds of Quan Yin, the Boddhisattva of Compassion.

Some Goddess will call to us and feel like home. Others will challenge us, leaving us curious – for they are yet parts of us that are calling to be explored. We invite you the experience the Brushes that naturally draw you and ones that challenge you and to learn about their Goddess. For it is in knowing ourselves that we fall in love with our unique magic.

Celebrating Our Mother Line

Our mother is our first embodied experience of the Goddess. For so many of us, this relationship is one we nurture for our entire life – for many of us, there has been much healing needed with our Mothers, and as a planet we are healing our relationship with the Mother Energy. Our blossoming here on Earth takes root in this fundamental relationship. To honor this sacred Mother Line Energy, we have created Mother – Daughter gifts sets. So that the young Goddesses can be nurtured with the same beauty as their Mother and the same jeweled pattern unites both brushes. To empower the innate gift of remembrance present in out young women.

What is Goddess Dream Brush?

We have brought together five of the most quintessential Divine Feminine materials to create the most luxurious and exquisitely precious hairbrush in the world. Each Goddess Dream Brush is made of pure mother of pearl with 24 karat Gold bristles and adorned with unique intricate motif of decorative crystals of K9 quality and zircon. Each jeweled Brush rests in a luxurious satin- lined royal velvet treasure box. Our upcoming lines will also feature precious gems – from semi-precious to precious stones.

Each Goddess Dream Brush holds a unique Goddess Energy. Yonique as you. Each brush is created in meditation with this Goddess energy, using her sacred colours and symbols, invoking her mantras and experiencing Her. If you look at the brush with your heart, you will feel it too – especially from the Brush that calls to you the most. Each brush is hand-made with love. The Goddess has myriads of faces, and they are all within us. Yet, some of these faces we are familiar and “at home” with, and others we are just getting to know.

Goddess- Preneurship – Abundance

Through Joy and Sacred Purpose

Divine Yoniverse is a Sacred Enterprise – designed to inspire women to stream their Abundance and Sovereignty from their heart – by singing the Soul Song we’ve each come here to sing. Our unique Sparkle Trail. Some call it Dharma. Some call it Purpose. Others – Vocation { which takes root in “Voca” – the Voice of the Soul }. Imagine a world where women are enjoying a livelihood that sprouts from their creative, joyful heart!