Discover the world of Goddess Luxury designed to awaken your Inner Queen!


Our fashion is a living invitation to discover a new way of being – a way of living as a fully expressed, authentic self. To wear Divine Yoniverse clothing is to become a living work of art, an inspiring invocation of the Beauty Way simply through being.

We believe beauty and comfort can be one. Elegance, grace and flow can coexist with practicality. Our fashion is here to awaken a spark of Remembrance in the hearts of women and men – of honoring, nurturing and dressing as our Essence. Many people say that wearing these clothes helps them remember who they are and why they are here. When we feel good in our skin, it awakens our desire to do what we've come here to do.

Many beings have been conditioned to fit in, to follow a dress code, to sacrifice comfort and self-expression for a “norm.” Yet, inside most of us there is a gentle voice that nudges us to come out as our unique, powerful, awesomely beautiful self and to have that be accepted and even celebrated. Divine Yoniverse answers this voice with fashion that allows for the Essence to feel heard and honored. We combine the look and the feel for an ultimate experience of natural elegance, comfort and beauty.

Each piece of our clothing is a hand-crafted portal into a different divine expression. Each has a unique way of movement that invites one into freedom and Grace. Many women put on these designs and say they suddenly feel their hips swaying in a new, more sensuous and delicious way. Some say they get an inspiration to dance. Some get reminded to revive their rituals of self-love.

Divine Yoniverse re-envisions fashion as a way of Self-love rather than looking good for the outside world. And self-love can be so beautiful while also feeling so good! Many of our pieces are made from organic, cocoony fabrics like linen and cotton that envelop the body just so, providing a feeling of support and softness. We feel now, more than ever, our world needs softness.

Divine Yoniverse is created by a Goddess to honor the Goddess within every woman the King within every man. Let's celebrate our natural divinity together! In a world with so much gender confusion, we light a candle to the Divine Feminine Essence and empower the Masculine to see his rightful place by Her side, in his authentic power. It is time we as HUmanity remember who we are. “HU” means “God.”

We are living creator gods. In remembering our true nature we can step into our rightful stewardship of the precious EarthShip of our beloved planet Gaia. 

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The heart behind Divine Yoniverse

Sunshine AuroRa is a visionary heart creating this sacred enterprise. Six years ago after a profound white tantra Goddess initiation in India, Sunshine had a vision of a living temple of beauty that would help return Womanity to remembering the essence of the Divine Mother – her kindness, compassion, nurturance, power and beauty.

She realized that the Beauty Way is the most natural way to the feminine heart. Shortly after, Divine Mother transmitted a full sketchbook of designs to her to create the first Divine Yoniverse collection. The universe conspired to support this creation immediately, and the first line of goddess fashion was born – in colorful silk, chiffon and sparkle.

Since then, Sunshine adapted the fashion to adorn the island goddesses all over the world, creating clothing from ultra-lightweight, breezy, soft natural fabrics, celebrating timeless goddess archetypes from many different cultures.

With time, as more and more women embraced the Yoniversal Fashion, men in the community expressed a desire for a matching royal, powerful clothing line for men who wish to embody their authentic essence. Sunshine answered the call and created ShivAwear natural clothing line for the modern~day warriors with a King's heart.

Divine Yoniverse is here to create a world of empowered, authentic self-expression through beauty. You are warmly invited to dream this world into existence too!

Divine Yoniverse LLC. manufactures its clothing in the Golden Kingdom of Thailand from natural local fabrics.