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Aurmus Gold Elixir


Aurmus is an ancient elixir revered by Humanity since the times of Sumeria and Lemuria. It has been used by the ancient such as Yeshua, Magdalena, King Solomon, Cleopatra and Pharao Tuthmosis III for consciousness expansion, rejuvenation and beauty. This was Cleopatra's main beauty secret - she bathed in Aurmus every day to maintain her youthful radiance. Hence, this elixir came to be known as "Cleopatra's Milk" amongst many other names.

Aurmus, a.k.a. "Ormus," contains 7 monoatomic and diatomic platinum-group elements, such as Gold, Platinum, Paladium, Iridium and Ruthenium, that can interact with human DNA to increase its conductivity by as much as 10,000-fold. This makes Aurmus a super~electrolyte and an incredible DNA activator that supports rejuvenation and overall balance. Scholars now believe Aurmus to be the mystical Philosopher's Stone. Aurmus has also been shown to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, making it a perfect companion to any consciousness-enhanceing practices such as yoga and meditation.

Some of the effects reported by people who have enjoyed Aurmus are: 

~ Incredible rapid skin rejuvenation 

~ Skin radiance

~ Peacefulness of the mind

~ Deeper awareness of the mind

~ Increased ability to center in the heart

~ Enhanced emotional awareness and regulation

~ Decreased reactivity

~ Increased sense of Sovereignty

~ Self~realization as a Reality Creator of one's life experience

~ Enhanced connection with one's Soul

~ Enhanced Discernment

~ Enhanced connection with Source

~ Increased sense of synchronicity {being at the right place at the right time}

Our Aurmus is collected in Navapashanam Water, adding siddha Power to the already powerful monoatomic elements. 

To learn more about Aurmus and Navapashanam Water, please visit http://Aurmus.IS


For radiant skin effect: apply 6-7 drops to the face as one would apply face milk twice a day - morning and evening. Leave it on. Most people have a noticeable tightening and brightening effect within the first two weeks of application.

For consciousness expansion:  Apply 6-7 drops under the tongue  and hold for 20 seconds. Make 3 intentions {as Aurmus supports one's intentions}: first - for the body, second - for the emotions and third for the spirit. Whatever you need support with on that day. Then swallow. 

We recommend taking it in the morning at least for the first 2 weeks. Later one can take it in the evening as well, if a faster evolution is desired - however, please allow at least 3 hours befire sleep because Aurmus is a form of prana and is therefore activating. 

To delve deeper into Aurmus's properties and its history, we highly recommend watching a profound documentory by Sir Laurence Gardner: "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" you can find here: 



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