Divine Yoniverse Temple

Yeshua Hood

$99 $122

Transform any outfit with this mystical hood that transports the wearer into Biblical times. This ancient fashion stems from Sumeria and Ancient Egypt. Worn by priests, sorcerers and royalty, the hood has been in a distinguished garment. This style of hood has also been loved by the Bedouin tribes to keep the sun away in the desert heat. It's a magnificent conversation piece.

Made from soft, light organic linnen-cotton, this unique hood is incredibly versatile. By day, it protects the neck and shoulders from the sun, while warming them by night. A stunning addition to a light traveler's wardrobe - machine-washable and wrinkle-free. 

A wizard of high magic lives in every man - whether he is conscious of it or not. This hood honors these hidden magical powers. Are you ready to embrace your Inner Sorcerer? 

SIZE: One size fits all

FABRIC: Organic linen-cotton blend

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