Divine Yoniverse Temple

Geisha Kimono

$122 $155


Gauze cotton.

All our garments are lovingly hand-made in Thailand from local fabric and by local people. Most pieces are one-size-fits all, and thanks to the flowing and adjustable nature of the garments, they fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes.


{U.S. sizing}: 6-12 free-style


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This refined kimono invokes the energy of the elegant mystical artisans of Japan who devoted their life to becoming a living work of art. Wearing this power piece transports one into a legend. Flow and sensual grace were the qualities embodied by the ancient geishas. The movement of this divine garment invites one to slow down and tune into the beauty of life. 

Designed in ultra~breathable gauze cotton, this piece is a perfect outfit for that lovely summer dinner. Your inner goddess will feel seen in this kimono, as it's presence invites attention and adoration. 

Gauze cotton is perfect for traveling as it doesn't wrinkle, is easy to care for and is comfortable and versatile. 

We designed this majestic kimono to invite women to experience the realm of the Geisha. "Geisha" means "artist" in Japanese. Geishas we skilled at making life a performance, a work of art and invoking a mystical dimension beyond time that nourished the soul with its evanescent beauty. In a world that is ever~speeding up, we feel that the world of a geisha can offer many inspiring gifts. Step into the portal that is this kimono to commune with this mystical dimension!

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