Mother-Daughter Set


Each set includes one Golden Empress brush and one Pearl princess brush in an elegant royal velvet box lined with delicate satin, making these brushes a perfect gift to honor the Goddesses we love. Now the little Goddesses can have a mini brush with the same crystal magic that their Mother has. And what little princess doesn’t want that?

Custom orders of Granmother – Mother – Daughter trio sets are now possible! We will match the Goddess archetypes to you personally – based on your unique personality.

Such a set makes a divine Mother’s Day gift!



This magnificent brush set embodies timeless luxury and elegance. The larger golden “Mother” brush shares a colour pattern with the smaller pearl “Daughter” brush, celebrating the timeless sacred bond between the Mother and Daughter. Both – cool and substantial to the touch, feel like a timeless work of Art. Their 24 karat gold-plated bristles shine as they delicately, deliciously massage your scalp with delicate massage tips, bringing grace to your look and enhancing scalp circulation for the luscious hair growth. Their premium-cut crystal gems {K9 and Zircon} add a touch of dazzling splendor even to the most refined boudoir. It makes a Woman feel like a Queen. We believe these to be the most exquisite luxury brushes on the market today. And now Daughters can have the same jewels as their Mothers – like so many of us dreamed of in our childhood – remember?


Mother Brush: Electroplated stainless steel body, 24Karat Gold-plated bristles, K9/Zircon grade decorative crystals

Daughter Brush: Mother of Pearl, 24 Karat Gold, K9/Zircon grade decorative crystals

Brush Treasure Box: Velvet with a satin lining and an elegant golden logo


Each “Goddess Dream” brush is lovingly hand-crafted with the intention to transmit the energy of the Goddess whose name it bears, from the most exquisite decorative gems attached with a high-quality adhesive, as we wish to ensure the longevity of the delicate crystal pattern. Each brush is UNIQUE. There is NO OTHER BRUSH LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD. Each crystal is attached with a mantra of the specific Goddess. When a candle is lit in front of a brush, it naturally creates a delicate altar. Each Goddess Dream Brush embodies a unique Goddess Archetype. We as women naturally gravitate towards one or several such archetypes – find out yours!

It is a perfect gift for anyone who can use a touch of Divine Beauty or wishes to touch another with visual Grace. Nothing touches the heart of a woman as a jewel that reflects her soul! Nothing speaks Goddess like the timeless luxury of mother of pearl, gold and crystals combined. Each of our brushes is a soulmate that inspires self-love and self-care.

This brush set is a truly splendid way to honor and celebrate the Mother Line of our family. To connect in Beauty.


Golden Empress: Length: 23 cm, Width: 6.5 cm

Pearl Princess: Length: 17 cm, Width: 5 cm


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