Our Mission

Each Goddess Dream Brush has its own “Matron” Goddess – the brush carries Her Energy, Her colours and has been created with invocations of Her mantras. So each brush becomes a living beacon of that Sacred Vibration. When you see yours – you just know. As Women, we all have a natural resonance with a certain Goddess Archetype, and some of us – with a few. There are few accessories that we engage with as intimately as with our hair brushes, so it was a natural idea from the Great Mother – make those a song to Her! EACH BRUSH IS PURELY HAND-MADE AND ONE-OF-A-KIND. There is NO OTHER BRUSH LIKE IT IN THE WORLD.

The intention is to introduce the Sisters of the World to a wide spectrum of Goddess Archetypes while making exquisite beauty….and through that – to inspire all of us to explore our Collective and Personal psyche deeper – finding which Faces of the Goddess resonate and which – don’t. It is also a living invitation to each SiStar to sing Her Song in the world – and create Abundance through that! That is what this enterprise is for me – doing what I absolutely LOVE doing and allowing my Abundance to flow through that. We CAN become Sovereign through our Joy.

Goddess Dream Brush is a New Earth enterprise – the intention is for us All to Rise through this – to learn together, co-create, rejoice over the glorious sparkles! For that is the name of the New Game – Co-Creation in JOY and AbunDance!

At least 10% of all profits will be directed towards Goddess-based initiatives that can enjoy some support. We Forward the Flow!
Imagine what this beautiful World could be like if every Goddess-based enterprise did that? Let’s re-imagine how we “hold” Abundance! As we see it – it comes Through Joy, for Joy and Flow! The sparkles of the Goddess Dream Brush stand for that.