Meet The Creatrix

Sunshine AuroRa One

Sunshine Aurora One is a channel of the Goddess here to assist HUmanity’s Ascension though Beauty.

Sunshine has dedicated most of her adult life to the Beauty Path and has trained extensively in Women’s Empowerment and White Tantra. Divine Yoniverse is a direct transMission from the Goddess received after a series of profound Tantric Initiations in India. There Sunshine received a clear Vision of the Global Sisterhood rising and uniting through Divine Beauty. She then created a Divine Yoniverse Fashion Line and now she is transforming one of the most intimate beauty accessories – a hairbrush – into a work of art that becomes a sparkling Portal into the Goddess Dimension within a Woman.

Sunshine is a clairsentient and clairvoyant – she works directly with the Universal Code to create the Goddess Dream Brushes. Each brush is created with the key Mantras of the Goddess that the brush is dedicated to, thus becoming an energy beacon for Her. She can also
create personalized brushes as a special order – scanning the energy of the being and creating a Brush to support Her evolution. Yes, these are alchemical brushes inDeed!

Sunshine has received her gifts through a walk-in experience. She is a walk-in from the Aurora Dimension – a soul here via a soul-exchange. She came into the body via a profound health experience 10 years ago and retained her full Galactic Memory. After integrating into the new
body, she began her Mission of supporting Starseeds and other Walk-ins through visionary art, Beauty and ascension guidance. This gives some explanation for the Brushes being so other-worldly.